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Toys for Children at

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The formative years are most important years of a person’s life. How a child grows up defines what he will become, and what he will contribute to the world. Toys have always been more than play things. Toys are tools of child development. They lend heavily to child development in both aspects, physical and cognitive. Various toys play different roles. Clay or play dough stimulates the nerves that connect the hands to the brain, and help the development of many faculties such as hand-eye coordination, development of finger muscles. Stock your home with toys that act as development aids for your children.

Stuffed toys has a spectrum of stuffed or soft toys collections that include a vast range of characters such as bear, dog, rabbit, and kid's favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hanuman, and Chota Bheem. Buy a new friend for your child at

Board Games for Children

Shop for board games, Lego and various other games which will work as training and memory tools and help advance your child’s motor skills, finger and hand dexterity.

Pick games that require a certain level of skill to play, matching your child’s age and physical and cognitive aptitude. Choose between linking toys, building blocks and toy music instruments which will present your child with opportunities to develop and play around with new skill sets. Pick a toy that your child can use to learn important skills such as pull along, push, build and stack, break and re-construct. From an endless array including number games, puzzles and memory games.

Rattles and Bath Toys

Find an assortment of colourful rattles and teethers for your toddler. Cute, fun toys, freeze friendly rings, toy sets and bath buddies to keep your little one amused while you finish up chores at home. Select from a collection of childrens toys online brands such as Funskool, Generic, Little’s, Fisher-Price, Chicoo, MeeMee amongst others.

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