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Mobiles – Windows

New Windows Mobile Online Shopping

As people are getting more professional and managing more and more things on their cell phones than they are managing in person, mobile phones are evolving to be the next laptop or desktop system. If this is the next evolutionary step in the smartphone food chain, a bunch of companies have already recognised the opportunity and jumped in, and today, are manufacturing top of the line, feature fixed and smart Windows phones.

Windows phone is a Smartphone developed by Microsoft. Features of this divergent smart technology phone include a designing language known as modern replacing its old metro platform, smart applications, easy to use features, a futuristic interface, live integration, office integration, snappy keyboard and no adware. These Windows phones are loaded with functional and attractive features that at as assistants to the business savvy. Windows phones are undeniably taking over a huge chunk of the smart phone market.

The Windows phone comes in a range of versions. The first Windows phone was the Windows phone 7, which came with pre installed Internet Explorer 9 and a number of third party applications. Now, a new version of the Windows phone known as Mango has been released. The Mango boasts of top of the line features such as visual voicemail, a competent web browser, multi tasking features and messaging via Facebook, Twitter, Windows live messenger along with face detection capabilities, customised ring tones, messaging conversations, e mails and awe inspiring processing speed. To top this, the Mango runs on Windows phone 8, a new generation operating system, which makes switching between the two platforms easy, offering a cross between professional and layman machines integrated into one.

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