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Memory Card – 64 GB

64gb Memory Card Online Shopping

Before you purchase memory card, you must first determine what you would be primarily using it for. Would you be using the memory card in your smart phone, camera or tablet? Next, determine the kind of memory card compatible with your device. Memory cards come in various types, you see. If you have an HD camera and prefer to shoot in RAW, a 64 GB card is apt for you. The larger your space require, the higher number of GBs you need to opt for.

However, you can be rest assured that your pictures and music will be is safe in a memory card, even if your phone or camera crashes. Ranging from SD memory card or Micro SD memory card, and Compact Flash memory card, you may select from various types of memory cards such as such as Micro SDHC memory card, Mini SD memory card and Mini SDHC memory card. The Micro SDHC cards usually are compatible laptops, tablets and also cameras that support the Micro SDHC feature, making it simpler to transfer photos or videos between devices.

Basically, memory cards are divided into four different categories. The first one is class 2. Class 2 memory cards are suitable for standard definition and still photography, whereas the class 4 memory cards are better suited for continuous shooting in still photography in high definition. You can now get full 1080p videos and pictures with a class 6 memory card for high end compact cameras, and class 10 memory cards for DSLR cameras. While some memory cards feature a faster transfer speed, others are optimal for transferring large files and a huge number of photos quickly.

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