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Barbecue Grills

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Kitchen and Dining: Barbeque Grills

Barbecue Grills Online Shopping

The tradition of barbeque get together is slowly making its way to India. We have come a long way from the tandoor and the fire, and today a variety of electricity powered barbeque grills are available in the market.

The traditional barbeques methods involve grilling marinated meats, paneers and vegetables over a slow fire or charcoal. Today, home barbeques can be divided into two basic categories, first one would be the traditional charcoal one and the second would be the electronic one.

Charcoal Barbeque Grills and Electric Barbeque Grills

A conventional charcoal barbeque grill runs on charcoal. You must first fill the charcoal tray, and then light it up. Mind you, lighting charcoal is a messy and time consuming task. But an electric barbeque will never give you the charcoal flavour in your grilled food.

These barbeque appliances are large and can be placed in an open spaces like terrace, garden or even a backyard. It is advisable that you light the barbeque grills in an open space since it gives out a lot of sooty smoke as it grills the food. The charcoal grill once used to be exceptionally heavy and bulky, but are no longer so. You can find a good number of sleek, compact and portable charcoal barbeque grills that can be kept and carried anywhere, even for picnics.

The electric grill is less messy and demanding, and can be used indoors. It requires no loading and lighting of coals and works faster than a charcoal grill.

A barbeque set includes all the equipment you require to barbeque your food, like skewers, tongs, knives, and basting brushes.

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