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Personal Care Appliances – Shavers

Electric & Charging Shavers Online Shopping

Gone are the times of home visiting barbers. And unless you want to visit expensive saloons, or the other alternative – street side barbers who sit in the shades of tree with mirrors tied to side walk fences, and use the same shaving apparatus on your face that they do for every other customer, without sterilising. Either way, going out every time you want a perfect shape is tiresome. Which is precisely why you need to shift to shavers.

Much like razors, but safer, more automated and less manual, shavers give a very professional shave to your face daily. If you are looking around to play with beard types such as French beard, goatee, soul patch or a designer stubble, moustache only, or the classic trimmed beard which so many stars and celebrities sport today, shavers are an excellent option for you.

At, select from wired, rechargeable and battery operated shavers. It is important that you keep your skin well hydrated both before and post shaving to smoothen your skin and keep it healthy looking. The best way to keep your skin moisturised is to apply a god quality after shave lotion or cream, and conserve that delicate PH level balance. Moisturize and shield your skin against dryness and coarseness by using a suitable skin moisturizer from our range of skin care products.

Buy shavers at great discounts now on from top brands such as AGARO, Braun, Brite, CHAOBO, Conair, Gillette, Gizmobaba, Headblade, iVog, Kemei, MAXEL, MR PLUS, Optimus, Panasonic, Philips, POVOS, Remington, Schick, Swan, Wahl, and Waken, to name a few.

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