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Healing Through Ayurveda

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Humans. Men and women. Some skinny, some plump. Some creative, some perfectionists, some easy going. Some have a tough time fighting digestive disorders, some crib about skin afflictions, while some sniff and sneeze frequently.
Trust it sounds familiar as you may yourself bear some of these traits. Even in a single family, all members have diverse personalities. People differ not only in looks and mental temperament, but also in attitude, tastes, reactions, and abilities. But ever wondered why?
Ancient Indian science of Ayurveda has the answer to it. Ayurveda helps us categorise ourselves based on our inbuilt foundation. It is all about the play of vatta, pitta and kapha – the three primary body doshas. Knowing which dosha is dominant in us, why it gets aggravated, what illness the aggravation causes and how it can be balanced will make us our own doctor.
This book makes the task only simpler for you. It is the best guide to help you identify yourself, understand the actions (and reactions), physical and mental characteristics and balance the imbalance to 

restore natural well-being for your entire life.
Healing Through Ayurveda is a perfect handbook to find out our strengths and limitations, so that we augment our physical, mental and spiritual growth, by knowing what to bank on, what to change, and how to cope up with the things we cannot change’.
Ruzbeh Bharucha (author of seven books including The Fakir, editor of a monthly magazine on wellbeing and a documentary filmmaker.)

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