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Men’s Fashion: Kurtas and Sherwanis

Kurtas, Pyjamas & Sherwanis Ethnic Wear For Men Online Shopping

Men’s ethnic wear adorned the Indian male long before Western clothing gripped Indian fashion trends. Every country has its own traditional wear, which is best suited to its climate and the body, skin hair type and personality and features of its inhabitants. There is a very logical reason why Indian women look best in sarees and Indian men look their optimum in sherwanis. Sherwanis complement perfectly the darker skin tones and facial features of South East Asian men. The loose fit of the kurta and the ventilated approach of the pyjama or churidaar are well suited to the warm and humid climate of India.

Kurta: The kurta is a long tunic, with slits on both sides below the waist, traditionally worn by both men and women in most South East Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The kurta is worn with a either a dhoti, pyjama, shalwar, lungi or jeans.

Sherwani: The sherwani is a long tunic like garment worn by men in the Indian subcontinent. It was customarily related with the aristocracy of the Indian subcontinent, and is to date, the most posh traditional attire for men in India. The sherwani adorns the groom at most Indian Hindu weddings.

The sherwani is worn over a kurta with the combination of either churidar, dhoti, pajama, or a salwar as the lower-body clothing. A specifically styled kurta worn with a churidar or pants is called a sherwani.

Today, the Indian fashion Industry has fused tradition with modern fashion, and has given birth to various styles of kurtas and sherwanis including the entire sherwani ensemble including dupatta and pagdi or safa (head gear).

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