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Men’s Fashion Shorts

Shorts For Men Online Shopping

Levis is responsible for starting the men’s jeans in 1871 as a dress designed especially for cowboys, miners and men who worked in heavy stone breaking type jobs. While most of us own jeans today, so many are unaware of its history.

Over a hundred years later, today, jeans are still doing rounds in the fashion high streets of the world. Fashion Accessories, Jeans, originally was a worker’s and casual wear garment. Since then, the jeans has been adopted and adapted by many a fashion culture. In the 1950s, the popularity of jeans surged suddenly among teenagers. Then, at the onset of the rock and roll age, in the 1960s, the Hippie culture inculcated the jeans into their fashion, cutting it into ragged and fashionable ripped trousers, and introducing the world to bell bottoms. The 1970s and 80s saw the jeans become one with the fashion identity of the youth cultures of rock and metal.

Fashion Shorts Mens

The jeans are a very practical garment choice. Fitted to become fashionable over one and a half centuries of roaming through different cultures at different times. Today, the jeans is produce d by all the mega garment brand in the world. From Levis, Wrangler and Lee, to Calvin Klein etc.

Today, you will find a variety of styles of jeans such as skinny, tapered, slim, straight, boot cut, ragged cut, cigarette bottom, narrow bottom, bell bottom, low waist, anti-fit, and flare in Online Shopping India . Torn and ripped jeans (old and worn out denims, which are still in one piece and functional) have become progressively trendy.

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