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Eye Wear: Sun Glasses

Sunglasses For Men & Women Online Shopping

Although sunglasses are available by the thousands, starting at 50 rupees at street stalls and going up to many thousands at branded stores, shopping for sunglasses, or goggles is still something of a head scratcher. While there is no disagreeing with the fact that you look awesome in your cool pair of sunglasses but there is another reason for you to wear them. Over the last few decades, the light of the sun has become more and more direct upon the earth. With the thinning of the ozone layer, harmful ultraviolet rays have a more powerful access to the surface of the earth and to its inhabitants, that is us. Wearing sunglasses is no longer optional, it is important. While your shades may aid you in making a fashion statement without uttering a word, they also do the very crucial job of protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Wholesale Online Branded Sunglasses

Which is the main reason that you should always opt for good quality sunglasses, even though they might mean a slightly higher price. Safety must come first.

The powerful ultraviolet rays play an important role in causing macular degeneration, cataracts and growths on the eye, and skin-related cancers. Hence, it has become important to shade your eyes from ultraviolet rays while in the pursuit of outdoor activities such as water sports, snow sports and driving.

At, we stock only anti-ultraviolet rays sunglasses of reliable quality. Our sunglass collection encompasses sunglasses in a number of sizes, frame materials like metal, nylon, polycarbonate, plastic, acetate and titanium, lens fibre such as NXT polyurethane, acrylic,spectacle frames for mens, optical glass or polycarbonate-based materials, lens colours including grey, green, brown, yellow, red and amber, lens enhancements for better eye protection which include mirrored lenses for a highly reflective surface, scratch-resistant lenses made of plastic or

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