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Televisions: Smart LED

Smart LED Tv Online Shopping

3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV are new and often confusing industry jargon that we are confronted with when we dive into the TV shopping scene. Worry not, it isn’t as difficult as marketing makes it out to be. For ever now, the TV has continued to be an idiot box only capable of screening shows in 2D and offered little user control other than the facility to change channels or turn the volume and brightness. But times are a changing, and are changing fast.

First came LCD and LED TVs. Next turn of the tide was the 3D TV. Today, the TV is smart! Just like your Android phone, the smart TV permits you to surf the internet and use a host of other features.

Compared to an LED TV, an LED Smart TV gives you PVR, DVD, EPG, ATVEF decoder, and of course the internet in the name of extra features. EPG refers to electronic program guide that shows you TV listings on request. If you missed a scene or an important as you blinked, the as PVR technology enables you to instantly view the replay of a scene with a single click.

Smart TVs also come equipped with default built in social hub which includes Facebook, YouTube, Picasa Photo Share, Skype and many other applications. Your smart TV also features DLNA digital home connectivity.

This means that basically smart TVs, in the coming time will completely replace the entertainment features of PC, Laptops and Tablets. Most smart TVs also come with HDMI, AV, USB, LAN ports as well as Wi Fi adaptor to enable connection with the Internet. On top of these the application store will contain Apps to connect to Netflix like content providers.

These features are what make an LED TV smart and intelligent.

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