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Computers and Peripherals: Routers and Modems/ Gaming

Wireless & Cable Routers, Cable & Wi Fi Modems Online Shopping

Modems and gaming started at the time when the most advanced video game was Mario, and have evolved to the latest play station today. With the evolution of need for speed games, games such as Mario and Doom became obsolete. With the advent of the new play station came a whole new era of video gaming. A sudden rise in gaming levels created a boom in the video game market. Suddenly, there were a lot of video game parlours. Every neighbourhood had one.

With easy to use, and simple to install gaming modems, everything changed. The home gaming market roared a loud triumph when the play station became more affordable. Every home with a teenage child started to have its own play station. Today, you can very easily play games on your home pc or computer, laptop and even tablet. Mobile games are a huge hit after the rise of the smart phone.

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