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Computers and Peripherals: Printers and Scanners

Printers And Scanners Online Shopping

There was a time when one had to rush to the nearest cyber café to get a proper print out. It was once unthinkable for every home to have a computer, let alone a printing system. Ink cartridges were exorbitantly expensive. Printing paper was also pricey. And the entire cost of printing was too great a monetary burden for the average SEC B income family unit. Those days, however seem now to be in a distant past. Every office has several, if not one laser printer today. Many, many homes also have their own printer.

It is widely said that very soon the world will fit into the palm of your hand. Not literally, but virtually. With the world becoming more digital, printers ranging from HP Scanjet to Portronics or the Kodak series, printer scanners or simple printers are a reliable utility to own. Pick from printers and scanners from dependable brands like Epson, Canon, Skypix, Zebronics, SanDisk, iBall, Intex, Creative, Digiflip, Sony, JBL, Microsoft, Zook, Acer, Epson, Canon, Skypix and many more. Various printers permit you to print using Wi-Fi, USB ports, blue tooth, and Ethernet through your tablet, computer and smart phone.

Types of Printers

Inkjet Printers: Inkjet Printers are a great choice for home use. The Inkjet printer uses cheaper cartridges than the laser toner printer and gives better results for photos and colour documents.

Laser Printers: Laser printers are beneficial for frequent use and are a good companion for offices that frequently print in big volumes. Intended for commercial use, monochrome cartridges and colour variation cartridges are available in both laser printers and inkjet printers.

Scanners and Printers: You can choose between a printer only version and a scanner printer version based on your needs. The scanner is a great add on, for you can use your printer as a photo copier when required.

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