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The bag is a very old invention. Right from the tie when the very first man started to move about and needed to carry his things, the first slings and pouches were made. At first, bags and water pouches were made out of animal skin. Leather was the original material for the very first bags ever created. It was sturdy, durable, and to be honest, the only available option, thousands of years before the invention of weaving and fabrics.

A bag is a utility item and has also come to form part of your fashion identity. Being fashion savvy means understand the correct accessory to done for the correct occasion. Bags and purses are now synonymous with fashion accessories or add on to your ensemble. stocks a very exciting range of bags for all your needs. Including shopping bags, paper bags, school bag packs, luggage bags, sports bags, backpacks, professional hiking and trekking rucksacks or haversacks, duffle bags, sing bags, utility bags, hand bags, office bags and travel bags, there is a bag for everyone at Find bags for men, women and kids for all occasions here.

If just the variety of our products has astounded you, wait till you hear about the brands we stock. Right from the top of the fashion food chain which is marked by big players like Kate Spade, Baggallini, Fossil, and Michael Michael Kors, to everyday brands like VIP, Samsun, Samsonite, Wildcraft, Baggit, and kids brands such as Barbie and Disney, we have it all.

At, we believe in happy pricing. Which means pricing hat will make you happy. It is with this intention, that we offer lip smacking discounts on a huge portion of our products.

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