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Car Accessories – Car Fresheners

Car Air Freshener Online Shopping

We know that most of us don’t like to admit it, but some or the time it has happened to each one of us. Think back, have you ever sat next to someone in a movie theatre, train, bus or airplane who smelled really bad? Like, no sense of personal hygiene bad? Have you ever had someone talk to you who didn’t care much about oral hygiene? Bad breath issues. Now, imagine if someone with smell issues sits in your nice, clean, air conditioned car. We wouldn’t want you to endure that for your entire ride.

So, with the intention of protecting your nose from unfavourable smells, and making sure you are in a surrounding that always smells minty fresh, has introduced a dedicated slot for car fresheners. These include the hanging cardboard type, which will swing down from your rear view mirror, and impart a slow, lingering fragrance, or if you want something more out there, the Oil Wick type is good for you. Fixed on your AC vent, the oil wick car freshener imparts a continuous fragrance into the air. Then there is the aerosol or spray type, which can be used when required in times of fart emergencies.

Our air fresheners are compatible with the AC vents of all cars manufactured and driven in India. From Optra SRV [2006 to 2010], Optra, Outlander, Padmini, Pajero, Pajero Sport, Palio D, Palio NV, Palio Stile [2007 to 2011], Palio [2001 to 2005], Panamera, Passat [2007 to 2014], Petra, Petra D, 1 Series, 118 NE [1990 to 2000], 3 Series, 3 Series GT, 3 Series [2007 to 2009], 3 Series [2009 to 2010], 3 Series [2010 to 2012], 3 Series [Import Pre to 2007], 370Z [2010 to 2014], 5 Series, 5 Series GT, 5 Series [2007 to 2010], 5 Series [2010 to 2013], 5 Series [Import Pre to 2007], to 6 Series, and 6 Series [2008 to 2011], to name a few.

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