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Car Accessories – Car Care

Car Care Accessoriesonline Shopping

For car enthusiasts, not a single scratch or a blemish must mar the beauty of their baby in any way. Yes, we are talking about cars.

Our range of car care products include car polish and compounds, car wax and sealants, lambswool mitt, and a microfiber drying towel, car leather care and even car shampoos and scratch removers. If you are a car lover and enjoy taking care of your precious, we bring to you superior car care products from international brands such as Auto Finesse, Poorboys World, Nanolex, Bilt Hamber, Bouncer's Wax, Sonus, and Dodo Juice and the exceptional foam lances from Autobrite.

In our car care range find car maintenance items including wheel cleaners, leather conditioners and car interior cleaners, glass sealants and windscreen cleaning and also trim dressings to return that black bumper look.

When it comes to cars, it is all about precision. Which is why we stock car care kits, jacks, tyre tubes and tubeless tires, and so many other car care products to specifically fit your exact car model. Linea, Linea Classic, Linea [2008 to 2014], Lodgy, Logan Edge, Phaeton, Polo, Prius, Pulse, Punto Evo, Logan [2007 to 2009], Logan [2009 to 2011], M to Class, M to Class [2006 to 2012], M3 [2009 to 2013], M5 [2008 to 2014], MU7, Macan, Manza, Manza [2009 to 2011], Matiz, Micra, Micra Active, Micra [2010 to 2013], Mobilio, Mondeo, Movus, Nano, Nexia, Octavia, Octavia Combi [2005 to 2008], Octavia [2001 to 2010], Omni, and Optra Magnum [2007 to 2012], to name a few. Select your car from thousands of car brands and series at, and find accessories tailor made for your car model.

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